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Aldi Nappy and Wet Wipes Review

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax
Are you looking for a great brand of nappies and baby wipes?Great price and good quality?

Aldi Mamia Baby Nappies

Since Maxwell was tiny we have always used disposable nappies. I have always been wary of using supermarket brands as I normally like to use the more talked about big brands such as Huggies and Pampers.
When Aldi asked Me and Maxwell if we would like to try their range of Mamia Ultra-Dry disposable nappies I was excited to see what they were like.
Aldi Nappy and Wet Wipes ReviewAldi Nappy and Wet Wipes Review
When the nappies arrived my first thought was that they seemed quite thin and had a different texture that felt a bit silky on the outside of the nappy, apart from that they looked good. The nappies had a cute animal motif design on which I really liked.
Over a period of a few days Maxwell tried the nappies, not only in the day but also at night time and we found the nappies to be very good.
I found the Aldi nappies to be very absorbent and found they fitted well. They coped well with Maxwell running, walking, playing, everything a toddler likes to get up to in the day.
Aldi Nappy and Wet Wipes Review
In the past Maxwell has had accidents in the night with other brands which have ended up making him disturbed at night and also giving him a rash, however these nappies left Maxwell dry and let him have a good nights sleep. I was pleased to see they did not irritate his skin or even leave him with marks.
The nappies are priced well and really are a bargain. We were sent a pack of 44 Mamia Ultra-Dry 4+  which are priced at just £4.49.

Aldi Mamia Baby Wipes

Maxwell is always getting messy. He is a typical toddler that loves to explore. From chocolate around his face to dirty hands after his dinner we are always on the hunt for some baby wipes.
Not only are wipes useful for messy hands they are great for bottoms.
Aldi Nappy and Wet Wipes ReviewAldi Nappy and Wet Wipes Review
We were sent some wipes to try from Aldi and were very impressed. They are a great quality and they had the right degree of wetness. They were thick and did the job they needed to do.
When changing Maxwell's nappy I normally struggle to get wipes out but these were easy to get out of there packet and came out one by one instead of clumps.
I thought I would try the wipes on me to get a parents view. I used them to clean the make up off my face and again I found they were fantastic. They felt soft on my skin and left my skin feeling clean. In my eyes they are just as good as the bigger brands and are fantastic value for money.
We were sent 2 packs of wipes. One pack being fragrance free and the other being fragranced. I found the frangranced ones smelt very nice. They did not have a strong smell.
Mamia baby wipes are designed for baby's sensitive skin.They retail at 79p which is very cheap for such a great quality of wipe.
Aldi Nappy and Wet Wipes Review
I have no negatives to report back about these baby wipes. I found that they were great.
Overall I would rate the Aldis Mamia range of nappies and wipes 5/5. I am no longer a brand snob and have realised that supermarket brands are just a good.
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I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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