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Album Review: Killing Joke – “Pylon” @Killingjokeband #MusicIsEverything

Posted on the 21 October 2015 by Music Vstheworld @musicvstheworld

The latest offering from Killing Joke, “Pylon”, is due for release on 23rd October 2015, and it hits the mark exactly as you’d expect it to.

As a band that has released music in every decade since the 70s (which in itself is no mean feat!) and along the way addressed current affairs issues and personal matters with equal fervour, there is an obvious anticipation surrounding this album, and the hope that it would live up to its own hype is as high as it’s ever been.

Whether you pay deep attention to the political and physical state of the world right now or not, listening to songs such as “I Am the Virus” and “New Cold War” (my personal favorite from the album) accurately display the distaste and abhorrence the majority of us feel yet are afraid to display.

Ageless, tense, anthemic tunes such as “Big Buzz” and “Euphoria” exist here, feeding the imagination in a way that makes me think of nuclear fission and futuristic armies marching into battle.

I’m listening to riffs that writhe like tumbling skies (“War On Freedom” and “Delete”), and an eclectic mix of disco-ish and ethnic sounding drum styles (“Dawn of the Hive” and “Into the Unknown”) within this heart wrenching and thought provoking musical sensory assault, all of which makes “Pylon” THE turbulent post-apocalyptic soundscape for the 21st century.

Killing Joke: makers of music that instills fear into fear itself.

Stay tuned to Music vs. The World for a review of Killing Joke’s upcoming gig in Birmingham on 31st October!

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