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Albert Einstein’s Hiding In The Austrian Alps – Now We Know Why!

By Linda
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photo : Jim Bowen

Famous for his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein has always been a bit of an enigma. New evidence suggests that he’s hiding in the Austrian Alps – and now we know why!

The Austrian Adoptee

It’s recently been reported that an Austrian adopted shortly after birth by a Dutch family, has returned to his roots in a bid to find his fraternal family. What he’s discovered is the stuff of dreams. His birth father was a multi-millionaire. But he has half-siblings who are less than enamoured to find they have another family member!

Under Austrian law all children – whether born in wedlock or not – are entitled to inherit from the funds of their fathers. For the dreaming Dutchman, this means (potentially) and awful lot of money. His siblings, however, are not so sure. They don’t want to divvy up their Dad’s dosh with this illegitimate intruder into the family fold.

Whether the daring Dutchman will find his fortune despite his stingy siblings, remains to be seen. But what we learn from his story may help to explain why Albert Einstein is hiding in the Austrian Alps!

Albert Einstein

Well known for his theories in physics – not to mention being a Nobel Prize winner – Albert Einstein also kept a startling secret until around 1986. He too fathered a child out of wedlock – though this was long before his physics brought him fame.

In 1902 Einstein and his long distance lover had a daughter. From letters they wrote- which were discovered in 1986 –  it’s known that the little girl suffered scarlet fever. After 1903 there’s no further mention of little Lieserl. Did she die or was she too adopted, like the money-dreaming Dutchman?

Gimmering mountain, Styria

Like the man-made sculptures in stone on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota (USA), Gimmering Mountain near Bad Mitterndorf in Styria (Austria) features a face. It’s that of the amazing Albert Einstein!

Could it be that Einstein’s little Lieserl has tried to claim her bit of her father’s fortune and fame?

Maybe that’s why he’s hiding in these Austrian hills!

If you need to see for yourself, check out these impressive images from the Mail Online.

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