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Alara Blackwell - Through the Sun - All the Stars Are Connected

Posted on the 10 August 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
"Alara Blackwell" is probably not her name. She alleges to have a MILITARY INTERFACE, connected to her brain that allows her to remote view Super Soldiers and guide them through battlefilds. She speaks in some 'alien tongue' that sounds like it has Russian/Arabic/Samoan roots, a verbal chimera.

So, I'm going, "This is just some American who was given too many drugs and suffered too much trauma during her Service to Uncle Sam," then she talks about TRAVELLING THE UNIVERSE.
Miles asks, "How do we get there, how does that JUMP happen?"
Alara says, "Through the sun. All the stars are connected."
Now, up until this point, I wasn't even gonna feature Alara. I was only really watching it because of what another AMMACH witness had said, refering to her case. I was thinking that if there were ever some sort of Alien Invasion, it'd look like a GHOST PLANET, like we'd been invaded by ghosts and orbs and poltergeists and such, Mediaeval stuff. Not 'monsters' or 'creatures'. I was gonna post about my dream last night where crumbling caves had to be evacuated, "you have four days left".
But then Alara said "all the stars are connected" and it made me think of my Feb 11 2012 post entitled the sun is an interstellar messaging device
And my Wardens of Pegasus post, made almost exactly one year previously.

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