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Alan Butler - from Ancient Yorkshire to Dynastic Egypt - Via Freemasonic Washington DC

Posted on the 17 March 2016 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Alan Butler - from ancient Yorkshire to dynastic Egypt - via freemasonic Washington DC ALAN BUTLER: connecting Ancient Egypt to Owlde N'rth Yorksh'r.
this is truly fascinating, another great presentation from Megalithomania, and tells the story of the ancient measurement based on the swinging of a pendulum per second.
Butler actually contends that the 'henge' or basic bank'n'ditch was more important to the ancient megalithic star-gazers than the stone (dead) and/or wooden (living) monuments that grew up around/inside them in later phases of socio-architectural development. He shows how the megalithic yard might just be the answer to the layout of the Giza Pyramids referenced by Thornborough Henge in North Yorkshire i.e. was the basis for the Giza Plateau three-pyramid groundplan.
Free Planet likes Butler's light-hearted presentation style and his mathematical findings are just like, "No, F-off already," I mean seriously. Watch this, and learn, like an Egyptian, or a Washingtonian, or a megalithic Yorkshireman.

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