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Alan Ball Talks Season 5′s Major Influences

Posted on the 20 June 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

Alan Ball Talks Season 5′s Major InfluencesTrue Blood’s Alan Ball may be leaving as showrunner, but this season he still has a “stake” in what happens on True Blood and he is no stranger to courting difficult topics. He’s looked at mortality in Six Feet Under and now Season 5 of True Blood is delving deep into the world of religion and politics. Just in case you needed definite proof that vampire dramas can be thoughtful and challenging… Ball, who is on his last season as showrunner, lists one major influence for the current season:

Our jumping off point was ‘OK, what is a vampire theocracy?’ You don’t really see vampires being religious creatures. They are excluded from God. But what if there was a vampire bible? A religion? Theocracy? How would that impact our human characters, or vampire characters? I haven’t really seen that before.

It’s a pretty interesting idea, and one that the recent crop of vampire-centric books, films and TV shows hasn’t really covered. Speaking to TheWrap, Ball elaborated on his idea, giving us examples from within the cast of how his latest theme is coming to life:

Chris Meloni comes in, he is the guardian of the blood. Supposedly they have a vial of blood of the first vampire — like a Catholic icon. The governing body of vampires is like the Catholic church plus the Supreme Court for vampires. But it’s a very secret organization.

This could all go down very sinister routes and runs the risk of offending some of True Blood’s viewership, but that’s a small price to pay for topnotch, boundary-pushing TV. Will this new trend make Season 5 True Blood’s best yet, or will it turn you off the show completely?


source: moviepilot.com

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