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Posted on the 09 December 2023 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

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English Audio Description?: Yes

I actually really love watching documentaries about people who seemingly have been present at all these important historical events, or worked behind the scenes, and we never knew who they were. Or, they just have an interesting story to tell, like the film adaptation of the novel Full Service. Last year, All The Beauty and the Bloodshed was that, though I did want more about her work against the Sackler family included.

this Mr. Chow guy, who is still alive, has one heck of a story to tell. One of being an immigrant, not just to our country, but through England. He appeared in cinema, he’s been operating his own restaurant that has attracted a menagerie of celebrities over the years, and he is raising a family. This is just a really interesting guy. Dos Equis should lock him down.

I think my only complaint with the film is that since his life is a lot, the film feels like a lot. Jumbled together. The narratives enter twine and find their way into and out of segments. It’s not quite as linear as I would have hoped. I also can never shake the way a documentary handles a portrayal of a living person, let alone one who participates in the film. Obviously, the director isn’t going to go negative on their subject, and the subject is also controlling the narrative by staying involved.

This has been a strong year for documentaries about people. I have a feeling none of them will get Oscar nominations, but i still appreciate all the ones, like this, and Still, Judy Blume Forever, and Being Mary Tyler Moore that I’ve been able to enjoy.

This is a little like a talking head documentary, as not only does Mr. Chow have a lot to say, but so does his family. Still, capturing old Hollywood moments, and fleeting glances at mementos from the past help shape what is being said from those talking heads.

If you are interested in those looks into the past, then this documentary is for you. Honestly, watch it anyway, it is just an interesting story.

Final Grade: A-

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