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Aidan Turner and Robert Sheehan, Young Talents from the Emerald Isle

Posted on the 19 December 2012 by Mariagrazia @SMaryG
AIDAN TURNER AND ROBERT SHEEHAN, YOUNG TALENTS FROM THE EMERALD ISLE AIDAN TURNER AND ROBERT SHEEHAN, YOUNG TALENTS FROM THE EMERALD ISLEWill they become as popular and universally acknowledged as Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell,   Pierce Brosnan, Gabriel Byrne, Ciaran Hinds and  Jonathan Rhys Meyers? All these fascinating men share their talent at acting and their being Irish. All of them made it in the movie industry,  getting to a huge popularity. Will Aidan Turner and Robert Sheehan, young, Irish and talented, make it too? I'd say, they've got great chances and , in fact, they are already on their way to stardom. I bet you'll soon hear of them if you haven't yet.

One of his first important roles was Dante Gabriel Rossetti in Desperate Romantics, a 2010 BBC2 period drama I liked and reviewed HERE. After starring as the charming painter /poet of Italian origin who started the  Pre-Raphaelite movement,  he was vampire Mitchell for 3 series of Being Human, the BBC3 popular paranormal series now at its fifth season. Mitchell had to be killed off when Aidan received a phone call from Peter Jackson who invited him to Middle Earth. You can have a glimpse at the great time he had there with a fellowship of funny mates going to the cinema these days and watching the just released blockbuster movie, The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey. Remember,  he is one of the dwarves sharing  the  unexpected adventure with the protagonist, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, and his name is Kili. You may have problems at recognizing him under the heavy costumes, the abundant hair and the prosthetics. Is this the role of a life for handsome Aidan? Or maybe is that yet to come? Meanwhile, Aidan has got another blockbuster movie coming out in August 2013: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He is Luke Garroway, a werewolf  this time,  in this greatly expected film based on book I of   Cassandra Clare 's best selling series , The Mortal Instruments. Who's ready to bet this upcoming thrilling series of movies will replace the just ended Twilight Saga in many mourning hearts? Have a look at the trailer.

AIDAN TURNER AND ROBERT SHEEHAN, YOUNG TALENTS FROM THE EMERALD ISLE In the same movie, The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones, Robert Sheehan is Simon Lewis he will start as the protagonist's best friend, the friend of a life time for Clary (Lily Collins), who is in love with her but unrequited. Well, at first. I'm sure Clary will notice him sooner or later, looking at   his mesmerizing green eyes behind his nerd spectacles (Simon wears glasses). I've happened to enjoy young Robert's talent and cahrms recently, watching him in the funny BBC1 rom-sit-com, Me and Mrs Jones where he is 24-year-old Billy,  swooping into the already messy life of Gemma Jones (Sarah Alexander)  as her son's best friend. He is not a presence easy to ignore for Mrs Jones, especially when he starts becoming quite fond of her.
At the same time Robert Sheehan was being sweet, romantic Billy on BBC1, he starred on RTE, one of Ireland's TV channels, as Darren in Love/Hate series 3. The   two characters couldn't be more different  and, watching the two series,  you can't but notice how talented the young actor playing them must be.
Darren is a criminal involved in the world of Dublin's  gangland and, especially in the latest series, once he has lost all his redeeming chances,  he acts quite ruthlessly. Not that in the first two series he was an angel - well he quite looked liked one when he was not  holding his gun to kill someone -  but he was torn and hoped to be able to free himself from the yoke of his bosses.   However, Robert Sheehan most popular TV role so far has maybe been Nathan Young, one of the protagonists of Channel 4 Misfits (series 1 and 2) . Another incredible tranformation for the young actor,  as Nathan was a really bizarre, funny, pestering teenager who discovers to be immortal.
On the silver screen he has recently starred as  Kay von Wollenbarth in Season of the Witch with Nicholas Cage (2011) and  as Ivan Mac Cormick in Killing Bono (2011) where he plays Ben Barnes's brother. Waiting to see him at the cinema again next summer in The Mortal Instruments, what about having a look at him as Billy Delaney in BBC 1 Me and Mrs Jones

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