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Affordable Tap and Die Kits

By Kencoul

Tap and die set is what every single mechanic should have. There are different sets that include a different number of tools. Depending on your needs and professional level, you can choose the right set by the tools.

High-quality tap and die sets allow you to make threading and if you are planning on working with metal, a good set is a must-have accessory.

By owning a set, you can make a bolt and bolt-hole in order to get things held together. With the help of a set, it becomes very easy even though it sounds tough.

We found 5 durable and practical tap and die sets at affordable prices provided by famous manufacturers.

Review and comparison of 5 popular and recommended tap & die sets of 2017

This professional kit features the ratcheting "T" wrench and adapters. The set comes in a sturdy blow mold case, so you will not lose a single item and carry all necessary parts for work. There are also index holders for taps.

All taps and dies lock in place so even if you drop the case, all parts will remain in their places. The set includes 75 pieces that are best for use in tight and confined areas. The reversible lever allows for quick changes from forward to revers to eliminate hand-over-hand turning.

This Carbon steel construction suits professional requirements as well as hobbyists. GearWrench created their first original patented five-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996 and quickly became a go-to brand for professional automotive technicians.

The innovation didn't stop there. Year after year, the GearWrench brand continues to expand its line-in ratcheting tools and beyond-to help automotive and industrial technicians get their jobs done faster and easier.

Stand out features:
  • 75-piece set
  • SAE and metric
  • Ratcheting "T" wrench
  • Adapters
  • All pieces are locked
  • The set comes in a sturdy case

Watch gearwrench tap and die set review following the video below

This is a good quality tap and die set that comes at a reasonable price and will suit professional mechanics needs.

The kit will become especially handy for auto repair and machinery. High-carbon steel taps and dies provide durability, excellent performance, and long life.

There are various machine screws, fractional and metric pieces. The set includes 76 pieces and comes in a sturdy and reliable plastic case that is convenient to carry without losing or forgetting a piece.

Irwin manufactures and distributes professional grade hand tools and power tool accessories worldwide for trade professionals who demand superior performance and durability on the job.

Stand out features:
  • 76-piece set
  • Best for auto repairs and machinery
  • High-quality carbon steel taps
  • Various machine screws
  • The set comes in a sturdy plastic case

This is one of the best tap and die set for the money models that you can find and purchse online. The set offers in total 76 SAE and metric taps and dies that are constructed of durable and long lasting alloy steel.

Therefore, you will be able to build new tools or repair damaged and worn threads. The set will suit professional mechanics requirements as well as suit any man who needs tools to repair a car in a garage.

The kit comes in a hard plastic carry case that neatly stores all 76 pieces.

Both SAE and metric sizes are marked, so you will easily and quickly find the right tool among various T-handle tap wrenches, die adapters, die-stock handle wrenches, adjustable tap handle wrenches, die size-adapters and screw drivers.

Stand out features:
  • 76-piece set
  • SAE and metric sizes
  • Taps and dies are made of alloy steel
  • All pieces are marked
  • The set comes in a hard plastic case
  • Excellent for professionals and hobbyists

The set is simple of the best and most recommended tap and die set for stainless steel.

This is a complete set of ratcheting T handle system tools. The kit includes 48 each taps and 48 dies, so you will not need to buy extra pieces to do a good job.

All taps and dies are made of top quality carbon tool steel that ensures not only a nice look but an excellent performance.

Also, the set has a patented twist lock guide system that reduces backwalk of die guide. An auto-locking feature allows you to remove the tap adapter safely and easily.

A reversible lever eliminates hand over hand turning. For the user's convenience, the set comes in a blow molded case where all pieces are already organized.

Stand out features:
  • 114-piece set
  • All pieces are made of top quality carbon tool steel
  • Patented twist lock guide system
  • Safe removal of a tap adapter
  • Reversible lever eliminates hand over hand turning
  • The set comes in a special blow molded case
  • Lifetime warranty

This is another Irwin tool set that includes every tap, hex die, and drill bit every single mechanic may need for auto repair work and maintenance on different projects.

The set is quite big because it consists of 117 pieces. All tools are perfectly crafted for hand-threading a variety of materials. All pieces are made of high carbon steel.

By using the tools from this very set, you will enjoy precise work and will be satisfied with the result.

There are 6 machine screw taps and 6 dies, 10 SAE Taps and 10 Dies, 16 Metric Taps and 16 Dies, 2 pipe taps and 2 dies, plus all the tap and die drive tools needed for the included taps and dies. The kit comes in a special case that keeps tools in place.

Stand out features:
  • 117-piece set
  • SAE and metric sizes
  • All tools are made of high carbon steel
  • The set comes in a special case where all tools are organized

Check out the set and find out how to use the tools from the video below

We do hope that this article was useful for you and helped you to choose the right set that matched your requirements.

Read what every set includes and think of one that has all necessary tools that you require. If you need to make your own threads, do not be greedy and but an expensive set. Remember that you can always buy single piece from the same manufacturer. Therefore, buy onle professional sets that will serve you for years!

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