Aestehtic and Understated Butterfly Tattoos That Are on Trend

Posted on the 13 July 2023 by Top10
Aestehtic and understated butterfly tattoos that are on trend

These butterfly tattoos will look amazing on your skin, whether you are looking for a new tattoo or thinking about the design that you will get for the first time, without a doubt, butterflies are an excellent option. Review these discreet, aesthetic and super trending ideas to wear butterflies on your body.

Discreet and elegant back tattoos that will make you look sexy

Butterfly tattoo ideas that are trending and you'll want to show off now!

tattoos on forearm

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The forearm is one of the preferred areas to wear a tattoo because it is a visible area and with sufficient extension to resort to an elaborate design. Despite the fact that many people claim that this is one of the most painful points to get a tattoo, the reality is that they look incredible, so let's reinforce our pain threshold for a little while.

In the hand

Despite the fact that this is a super visible area of ​​the body, it is not fought with discretion, our advice is to bet on designs with fine lines and even minimalist to respect the intention of something delicate and very elegant (and also so that it does not hurt so much, hee hee).

Tattoos on the leg

If you are about to get your first tattoo, the leg could be an excellent option, thanks to the tissues, muscle and fat that may be in this area, it is believed to be one of the least painful. In addition, its extension is ideal for larger and more detailed designs, if yours is to wear something large but elegant, go for it!

The neck

Although many say that this is one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo, we cannot deny that tattoos look incredible in this place. Bet on making a path of small butterflies and we swear that your tattoo will be the sensation of the summer.

Meaning of butterfly tattoos

Each person endows their tattoos with meaning and intention, however, some figures, shapes or symbols that exist in the world already come loaded with a certain meaning. That many people choose a butterfly design may be because of its depth and interpretation.

The butterfly is usually a symbol of joy and happiness in cultures such as Chinese or Japanese, for the Greeks it represented the soul of deceased loved ones who rose to heaven. For many it can represent a metamorphosis, and they seek to capture on their skin that significant change they are experiencing in life.

Whatever the intention of your tattoo, the reality is that betting on a design with butterflies is an excellent option for those people who are looking for an element with a pure and beautiful meaning.

Now that you know the meaning of butterfly tattoos and that you have been inspired by these ideas, we hope that your next tattoo is a cute little butterfly. Do not forget to tell us in a DM how was your experience getting your tattoo, the reason why you did it, and of course, a photo showing us how it turned out.

Small tattoos on the neck with which you will look very sexy

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