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Advice to Single Nigerian Guys in Their 30′s..

By 9jagirl4real
  1. Please don’t call us “baby” before we agree to be in a relationship with you. Some Nigerian girls are ok with this but others find this strange. Get to know us first.
  1. Please do not bring up the “m” word too early. Most women want to get married but we want to get to know you before we start thinking about marriage with you. There’s nothing wrong in giving clues and telling us officially your intentions but there’s time for everything. Please use wisdom here. Asking a female you are not even dating or just starting dating “how many children she wants?” is a little too forward and that could possibly scare her off.
  2. Don’t rush the relationship so you can get married and have your children. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. We know you are in a hurry to settle down but don’t try to rush things before its time. Let things progress naturally. If you try to rush into marriage quickly that could scare us off.
  3. Don’t say “I love you” too early. Love is very beautiful thing but if you try to speed up things before its time; it might seem like you are trying to tell someone what they want to hear; so you can get what you want.How to get her to marry you without speeding up things? Coming up soon on 9jagirl4real. Stay tuned!!!

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