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Adventures in Everyday Monotony!

By Thibben @aspieadventures
Adventures in everyday monotony!   So this last weekend I was the photographer for Oklahoma's Walk Now For Autism Speaks & the family & I all walked as a team as well.  We had a lot of fun! Between the face painting, moon bouncing, snow cones, & free hand outs my boys were having a ball!
   The big news is yesterday we had Jayden's parent teacher meeting...... yeah ...... it was less than awesome! I can't even start to explain how frustrating it is to hear that your 3rd grader tested at a 6th grade level at the end of last year then was given state standardized testing this year that tells us he is below average & at a 2nd grade level yet he gets pulled out of class to go to Gifted & Talented classes because he is so smart! GRRR! I'm sure a lot of you find your self in the same boat, more so if you are playing the public school game like we are! "He is a special kid, not sure what we are going to do to get him taken care of! We are just going to try a bunch of different things & see what happens!" Not that I really blame them because I'm the dad & I can't hardly keep him on task unless I sit next to him & give him a tap "Jayden, lets get this work done!" about 178 of those little taps every 30 min. will do the trick!! We have him handing in papers that are not completed instead of bringing them home, shoving papers in his desk, on top of that....hold on to your hats.....he tells us.....GULP....."My girlfriend broke up with me today." We say "Well, jayden are you okay with that?" his reply is "Yeah I'm just upset that she lied to me...she told me she was a scientist & she's not." REALLY!?! I tried to play it cool but man! Half of me is happy & half of me is mortified. On the flip side of all of that, Samantha called it years ago even before we knew he was autistic. "Man, that kid is strange sometimes but he is gonna be just fine...he's so damn cute!"   P.S. if you have an iphone & use instagram you should look me up, my user name is wastedfilm. If you don't know what instagram is you should download it, it's free! Kind of like facebook or twitter but its all photos! I'm a bit obsessed. Thanks for reading! Adventures in everyday monotony!

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