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Advantages of Database Sharing In MS Access

By Harshil Barot @Harshil_Barot

In , users can share their database files in several ways although, the user should select the appropriate process based on the availability and requirements of their resources.

One of the ways is by using database sharing in a database server. This process enables users to share the database.

Although, the users need to install a supplementary database server product. It keeps the table on a network, where every user is connected to the network and has access to the databases that are on the network.

The user should only apply this process if all the other users have Access installed in their system on the network.

Advantages of Database sharing through Database server

Enhanced Scalability and Performance

A database server gives more reliable performance than a Microsoft Access Online. The database server also allows assistance for larger databases. It also runs smoothly while processing parallel queries and while reducing other memory spaces, anytime extra users are added to the network.

Improved Availability and Accessibility

Users can build backups for their databases with the help of a database server, even while it is running. Therefore, you do not have to stop the workflow for others on the database when they need to build backups.

It also runs effectively with creating records and simultaneous editing. You can also increase productivity by using VDI Desktop as a Service.

Enhanced Security

The database server has a strong security system that restricts your data from being accessed by unapproved users.

The database server also works by account-based security that enables users to restrict the visibility of tables. Account-based security effectively limits your database from being used by unauthorized users.

Automated Recovery

A database server also gives an efficient automatic recovery benefit. Hence, in case you encounter a system malfunction while operating a database server, it will recover your crucial data to its last phase of compatibility automatically without any trouble. Users do not need any database administrator access to execute the task to recover ACCDB or MDB databases.

This also limits data damage and malfunctions. Users are still able to recover their working phase of data. But on the server, while recovering the data size does not matter.

How to share Database through Database server?

Step 1: Transfer the data that you have to share to the database server tables from the Table of Access Database.

Step 2: Now the user has to connect his/her database server table in the chosen Access database file.

Step 3: Build a new relevant user account and store it on the database server.

Step 4: The user has to share or distribute this database file with additional files.

Step 5: Begin a test run to verify if the system is running correctly on your system or not.

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