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Adsterra Popunder Dating Case Study 100% ROI

Posted on the 27 October 2021 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Offer: Adult Dating

Time period: 01.12.2019 - 04.12.2019

Spendings: $ 343.2

Earnings: $ 686.4

Pure income: $343.2

Adsterra Popunder Dating Case Study 100% ROI

Hi everyone! In this case study, I'm gonna show you how to make good money with Adsterra on an adult offer.

Geo, offer and traffic source selection

I chose ZA as targeted geo and popunder as selected ad format - it has a great CR on adult offers. It's quite easy to find a decent offer at any ad network using filters. In our case, we have a DOI offer, where approved registration is considered as a conversion. The advertiser pays $1.6 per conversion.

Screenshot of the final landing page:

Adsterra Popunder Dating Case Study 100% ROI

Before the campaign launch, I strongly advise having a chat with your personal manager to get some targeting hints. Besides, the "presumable outcome calculation" option might be quite useful in this case. It helps to predict liable campaign results for each geo up to the conversion amount for each bid. Don't forget that 1st impression always goes to the highest bid.

The strategy

I decided to set a $0.8 bid for Wi-Fi traffic (it was the offer's requirement).

It's extremely important to get at least 2nd or 3rd impression because due to endless pops rotation you might get down and will not receive desired clicks.

There are endless amounts of adult prelands. I recommend you to use two or three in rotation, one of them in English, the other one in the native language of the targeted country.


According to my experience, trivia-like prelands with beautiful fit girls work out the best. This kind of prelands presumes diversity - the users choose the girls according to their preferences, and later on, you will have a clear vision on further preland design - what works good, and what should be replaced or removed completely.

Avoid shock content since it is prohibited by a lot of both websites and advertisers, besides, remember, the majority prefers good old classics 🙂

In my case following prelands had been selected:

Adsterra Popunder Dating Case Study 100% ROI
Adsterra Popunder Dating Case Study 100% ROI

Choosing prelands I relied on my preferences. If you're not ready to do that - just check someone else's pops to see the most popular prelands and use it as an inspiration.

Remember, if sounds and alerts are incorporated into prelands, the chance to get conversion is higher.

Above all, I've purchased the domain with the name almost identical to the casino's site. It also helped me to avoid mistrust and increase CR. Never purchase domains with messy names, it is very important! Don't forget to check Adheart for the most recent prelands. It costs a penny and would help you to find your way in the sea of prelands.

Pops imps often go down. If you see it - rise a bid a bit, it would help you to overbid the competitors. It's often enough to raise it for $0.1, take baby steps, and don't splash your money. The statistics will help you to determine further dynamics.


In the case of pops, it's very important to blacklist placements with low performance. I ban ISP of the most popular bot sources right from the start. Remember, pops suffer the most from bot and fraud.

Step 1. Bid increase

In case of datings, you need to work hard with prelands. The key to success is your close attention and experiments. I've made changes 5 times for the two prelands I used in rotation.

Step 2. Placements blacklist

This step depends on targetings set at the stage of campaign creation. I overplayed myself setting OS targeting at the very beginning. The settings directly depend on geo. Don't set a narrow targeting - you may miss a huge amount of relevant traffic.

Step 3. Prelands replacement

Eventually we have the following targeting: all OS, adult+mainstream, English and native language for the geo set, all carriers+WiFi, all browsers.

Step 4. Losing targeting Post-optimisation
Adsterra Popunder Dating Case Study 100% ROI
Screenshot of the final settings:
Adsterra Popunder Dating Case Study 100% ROI

Total spent in Adsterra for all the days: $343.2

Results Screenshot from Adsterra:
Adsterra Popunder Dating Case Study 100% ROI

Total earnings: $686.4

Income: $343.2


Screenshot from the tracker:

I enjoyed working with Adsterra adult traffic - got a great amount of traffic in a short time, a lot of support, tips, and hints from managers, and was pleased by eventual income 🙂

Go ahead and try it yourself, all the steps described above may serve you as an example. Adult is a huge niche, there is enough space for all of us! Good luck!

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