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Adrian Salbuchi on the David Duke Radio Show.

Posted on the 25 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
You can listen to main stream media (MSM)'s corporate sock puppets and pre-arranged script readers of live events if you want, or you can listen to REAL PEOPLE talking facts.
Here's Adrian Salbuchi sharing all sorts of facts with David Duke on his radio show.
TOTAL CORPORATE WAR TAKE-OVER, one country at a time - is that why we're here on Free Planet?
Further reading:
Adrian Salbuchi's article War for Total Control: Planning the Ultimate ‘Big Brother’ Surveillance Society  (quoted below) also relates back to my surveillance amnesty thread of yesterday.
“Romas/COIN” is a super hi-tech military civilian mass surveillance and data gathering project supported by US private defense contractors (Northrop Gruman, notably), think tanks, and the US military and civilian intelligence community, with electronic capabilities to monitor and analyze millions and millions of conversations, sort key data and then re-build it to reflect specific behavior patterns amongst individuals and groups of people, which enables projecting their future plans, whereabouts, goals and actions. This will make “preventive war” and “preventive arrests” that much easier.

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