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…Adjust The Lense

By Zer @the2women

…Adjust The Lense

The weekend is finally here, and many of you are probably already well into the weekend planning.

The less prepared are now facing that age old question: What am I going to do this weekend?

You could call a friend or two, go out to a bar, watch a sporting event (Go Cards!)…the list is practically endless.

A lot of you though will end up at the same popular conclusion—the movies.

And for those of you willing to shell out the extra cash for a 3-D film, enjoy these low prices while they last.

Yes, that’s right prices may soon be going up. Movie studios are tired of giving all of you a free ride.

Starting in May 2012, Sony Pictures’ plans to stop covering the price of 3-D glasses.

Do you think those 3-D glasses grow on trees?

Raise your hand if you believed the $3 charge already added to your ticket price was for the awesome 3-D shades. 

I’m guilty as well. I mean they’re fancy shades, but $3 probably more than covers their production costs.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case, and avid collectors of 3-D glasses will soon see the investment made by their sticky fingers and slippery minds pay off (where exactly do the “recycled” glasses go?).

Sorry, unintentional free-loaders, your short, but glorious run is over.

Look at the bright-side, maybe the quality of 3-D films will improve.

It could happen.

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