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Addiction, The Good Kind

Posted on the 13 September 2012 by Thehangline

Radio Nova Addicted to Sex Billboard

Billboard for Radio Nova Addicted to Music campaign: Addicted to Whiskey

Addicted to Sex. Addicted to Whiskey. Too much information? Nope, just awesome copywriting. Not just because it’s a little shocking but because it gets to the core of the subject. Music is something that’s very personal, everyone has there favorite song that sometimes sings small truths about themselves. So, instead of showcasing a DJ that has a face that was never meant to be seen, Radio Nova chose to show their value proposition — seriously addictive music.

This campaign may not resonate with very old or very young viewers, but it will punch the target audience in their faces and make them bleed Radio Nova. Bloom designed their ad in a way that it comes across as another public service ad, close intimate shot of a person, copy line about some disfunction, problem or addiction, and logo. By adding the small qualifying line, Bloom turned a somewhat shocking copy line into an inside joke that scored Radio Nova major points with the locals. Campaigns that take the time to hash out a simple, direct copy line always impress me the most. Anyone can do anything with a huge budget, but to make something stick, make it memorable and personal without all the bells and whistles, that’s great advertising. This campaign makes me want to slow down and focus on my craft.

Billboard for Radio Nova Addicted to Music campaign: Addicted to Money

Billboard for Radio Nova Addicted to Music campaign: Brown Sugar

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