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AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?

Posted on the 06 April 2017 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Are you looking for an affiliated network which helps in monetizing the traffic?

Then, I've got an amazing product for you, AdCombo. AdCombo is a CPA affiliated network that help users or customers to monetize their traffic. This company was founded very recently in 2013. The company size varies approximately from fifty to two hundred employees. The industry in which this company has started a take-off is " Marketing and Advertising ".

AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?

AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?

The AdCombo company is specialized in fields like CPA marketing, affiliated programs, affiliated marketing, tele marketing offers and many other unique offers.

What I liked is the fact that they provide users with the features like designing their own stunning ads and publishing them also, good heavy quality traffic for their sites, and multi-aspect visual analytics. For more than a year, this company's CPA affiliate network operated secretively and privately in a testing mode.

But now it is their show time and it's the time for the customers to take advantage of the sophisticated affiliate marketing solution they uniquely offer.

At the present moment, AdCombo offer a large number of unique offers for the users with a wide range of geos. For mostly maximum number of their offers, there is a pay-out option for an order, which you have to get it confirmed by a call centre and they offer such a great pay-out option which you might never have seen before this. The order form that you need to fill in, it takes only one minute and two lines. What's more easy than this!

The payment methods used by the company include options like ePayments, Paxum, Paypal, WebMoney and many others. They accept traffic for Europe, Asia, South and Latin America. In the coming months, they will be ready to invite another five to six countries from their list. And after using it, I got to know that they have extremely high interest rates and therefore provide you with first class excellent support services as well.

Their network encourages strategic and lucrative partner ships between the advertisers and the publishers. The following details describe you the advantages that you can avail as an advertiser with the AdCombo company and what advantages you can avail as a publisher with this company.

They have compared the steps and procedure that is required for one to become a publisher with and without the help of this unique AdCombo features. You can read the complete passage to decide for yourself that how much efforts and time saving this AdCombo tool is.

For Advertisers

AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?

AdCombo is a CPA network, which means that you have to pay money only for the confirmed conversions.

They have very accurately developed their own software engine and a user interface engine, so that the advertiser can easily be able to customize it for their campaigns. You must enjoy usability feature provided by AdCombo. If you don't have time for designing attractive and stunning ads, then you need not to worry about it. The web designing and the localization team is there to develop your creative materials in more than forty different languages to meet all your desired needs.

And if you really want some very special selling text in your ads, then you can order its translation through their in- built user friendly interface. Their all-native speakers called as the translation team is very responsive and is very happy to help others.

For Publishers

AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?

Without the use of AdCombo it traditionally takes 30 to 90 days to become a publisher. The following steps are involved before using AdCombo tool:

  1. Sign up in a CPA network
  2. Choose one of the offer provided within it
  3. Make the landing pages and prelands
  4. Testing phase
  5. Analysis of your advertising campaign
  6. Lead the generation
  7. Wait for remunerations

But with the use of AdCombo, your work is pretty much simplified. Now there are only three following steps involved in your process:

  1. Sign up in AdCombo
  2. Monetize your traffic using any effective creative materials
  3. Gain the profits yourself directly

Payment Screenshot of Adcombo as Publisher

AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?
AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?

Their account managers are willing to help to develop a smart marketing objective and they help you to connect your offer with the best potential publishers for the growth of your business. To review your application, a time of up to twenty-four hours is given.

  1. They efficiently perform a new model of leads.
  2. They provide an extra service of cash on Delivery.
  3. Once the customer completes the purchase via phone, the conversion takes place.

This model is the most effective way to monetize the traffic given on your blog.

  1. As the user has to pay once he receives the product. Hence, the real EPC rates and the conversion rates are extremely high.
  2. They work only with direct offers. And they have large number of exclusive and premium offers for all types of customers. Most of advertisers are their long-time business partners and they have a history of any payments missing since the time they have been launched in the market.
  3. They also offer a wide variety of geos. They work with the tier-2 geos which include countries like Eastern Europe, South Asia and Latin America, as these countries may be characterized as very low competitive and have an advantage of cheapness on traffic.
  4. AdCombo specializes in the WOW-products.
  5. They provide easy payment options to their customers, like fast weekly payments.
  6. The types of traffic that they accept include traffic like Display, Email, Social Media, PPC and InApp. These traffic can be either mobile or desktop. They accept it all. They additionally deal with the Adult traffic as well.
  7. AdCombo uses the in-house technology, that is why they won't lose a single click of your traffic.

You can easily join their community and you can start earning within 24 hours only. The link to sign up for free is:

Their quick advantages

  1. Personal marketing assistance
  2. Effective traffic strategies
  3. Increase in sales turnover
  4. Effective targeting
  5. User friendly interface
  6. Handy tools for launching a campaign
  7. Personal affiliate manager
  8. Quick and easy pay-out
  9. Reference materials and video tutorials

Over to You :

So, I believe, AdCombo is the best option available in market for a CPA affiliate network to monetize your traffic. Have you joined Adcombo ad network please share your experience with us and dont forget to share this review on your social channels !

AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?
AdCombo Review 2017: Should You Join This Ad Network ?

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