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Acupuncture Points for Treating Female Infertility

By Jocelyn Jones @jocelynjones140
Acupuncture Points for Treating Female Infertility
Infertility in women has emerged as a consequential health issue in modern times, and is caused not by one single factor but a combination of several causes. The primary reasons for increased conception issues in women are unhealthy lifestyle, excessive stress and low physical activity. However, there are many natural ways of female infertility treatment, which are often preferred over the conventional methods. Among those natural methods, acupuncture is the most common and effective therapy used for treating a wide range of problems that usually reduce the chances of conception in a woman.
Among the different points that are generally used for administering acupuncture to a woman with fertility problems, some of the most common ones are as follows:
Epang II
They are situated on the two sides of scalp just above the hairline. Stimulating Epang II helps to treat problems of premenstrual syndrome, get relief from menstrual pain and regularising menstrual cycle.
Yintang is located on forehead right between the eyebrows. Stimulating it improves functions of Pituitary gland, and provides relief from migraine and headaches resulting from anxiety.
Lv 14
This set of acupuncture points is located right below each of the breasts and can help to correct breast tenderness associated with premenstrual syndrome and hormonal imbalance, improve libido, boost liver functionality and get relief from digestive disorders.
Ren 14
Ren 14 is situated about halfway between the navel and the sternum, 4 inches above the navel. It helps to reduce buildup of fluid in the uterus and fallopian tubes, improve release of cervical mucus, transform phlegm, relieve asthma and treat cardiovascular diseases.
Ki 16
Ki 16 is one of the most significant acupuncture points associated with fertility. They are situated an inch away on both sides of the navel. Ki 16 is believed to augment fertility health, increase chances of conception and correct issues related to autoimmunity triggered by improper immunological response.
Ren 6
Ren is located right below the navel and stimulating it can boost libido, improve energy, and relieve exhaustion, stress, chronic fatigue and tiredness.
Ren 4
Lying 2 inches below the navel, this point can help to increase blood circulation in uterus, improve functionality of kidneys, and detoxify the body.
UB 44
They are situated on either sides of the fifth thoracic vertebra. Stimulating them provides relief from stress and anxiety, strengthens the uterus, eases abdominal pain at the time of menstruation and treats insomnia.

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