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Posted on the 22 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I didn't sleep very well last night, lay awake in the middle of the night wondering how to frame this morning's post. Well, bollocks to that, life's too short. Too short for too many of us. Especially if we have 'something wrong with our poo'.
But before I get into it, here's a nostalgic interlude from the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy a rap group who use MK Ultra word-melding and put together the excellent homage to the public-reading prowess of William S Burroughs, SPARE ASS ANNIE (and other tales).

Yesterday, two very strange things happened to your humble blogger in life's sick joke of a soap.
1) I learned more about the BIO-WAR, WEATHER-WAR.
I'll use the asexual name Actor Arrenay, RNA-geddit(?), based on a bio-geneticist character in my 2006-republished novel Twilight's Last Gleaming, to talk about this person I met, quite by accident yesterday, and spent far too long talking to, when I should have been racing off to do things more important, more domestic.
Actor Arrenay had a soft American accent, and claimed to be an adopted Rothschild(!) Claimed to have worked in the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR. Claimed that Jacques Brel, John Lennon and Porton Down are connected to the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR. Claimed that HAARP is connected to the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR. Claimed that he had documentation of his involvement in the BIO-WAR, WEATHER WAR going back to the mid-70's.
And I'm physically shaking, as I ask question after question, thinking, 'Scoop of the century'. More to come on this subject...
2) I became an official no-planer.
And I don't feel at all WELL, this morning. I'm still not sure I 'like' being a no-planer. Not because it puts me in the tinfoilhat brigade. But because the IMPLICATIONS of accepting no-planes as a truth are truly MUCH WORSE than accepting that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB.
Okay, so some people fly planes into four locations (fourth one failed) that's bad enough. But when T.H.E.Y. hire a green-screen Avid professional to fly in a mainstream newscopter to ensure a recorded LIVE HIT by a digital plane on a bombed building where an Israeli art team have been setting up the pyrotechnics for the well-scripted TV event called THE 9/11 SHOW.
I'd seen September Clues and In Plane Sight which first propounded the NO PLANER ideas, which I rejected because it looked like heresay. The Great American Psy-Op however tells WHY the no-planer idea (and the nuked wtc) stand up to critical scrutiny in a way that NO OTHER DOCUMENTARY has done.
And don't forget those PUT options... what'd be the point in orchestrating that when NO PLANES were used? Collateral Damage on the airlines accused, were they otherwise compensated? Maybe it was just a glitch, an illogical move on the chess table, from the PRO.M.I.S. tactical software?

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