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Acknowledging Cancer Milestones

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas
Acknowledging Cancer Milestones

I’m never going to ring the Cancer bell located in treatment wards.  

Not only because I have not received chemo or radiation therapy, but because I don’t believe in tempting the fates. 

And also because I know that that’s not the way cancer works, it doesn’t care if you think it’s gone or not, it’s just there. Cancer is not well known for playing fair. 

So I will never ring the bell or say that I’m cancer-free, because I just don’t know. If I had cancer once (and I’ve actually had it twice, I’ve had a skin cancer tumor removed) it can certainly come back. There is something about my body that is unbalanced enough to let cancer grow in it. 

It could happen again.

And again and again. 

But this doesn’t mean that I can’t celebrate milestones. 

I have set up a wellness altar in my office. On it, I have inspirational tokens that friends have given me. 

I also have my strong-women celebrations for the events that I find important on this journey. 

Wonder woman – This kick-ass lady joined my altar when I was 6 months out from diagnosis. Being a Water Warrior (WW) I have long had an affinity for the other WW. Sadly there are some women that don’t even make it to the 6 month point. 

Luisa Madrigal – the strong sister in Encanto. I included her not so much for her strength but for that song where she confesses being tired at ALWAYS being the strong one. It has to be done, but geesh, sometimes it’s exhausting always being so strong. She joined Wonder Woman 6 months after my mastectomy. Again, it’s a milestone that some women never see. 

The Goddess Athena – Marc and I went to Greece and got immersed in mythology. I learned about Athena who was one of the most intelligent and wisest of the Greek gods. She was also good at war strategy and giving heroes courage. It seemed appropriate to add her at the one year after diagnosis milestone. 

Cancer management needs strategy and wisdom.

At this point, the only milestones I care about going forward will be on the year’s day of my initial diagnosis in May. 

May 19th. 

While I may not ring a bell, I do have hope of eventually running out of space on my altar of inspiring strong women. 

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