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@Acclaimmag The Loud Issue: Katsu BTM

By Whatyouwrite @whatyouwrite

A few years ago I was sitting with a girl in a grimy bar in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. She was looking at a framed photo that was hanging on the wall, a black and white image of a city street, wondering where it was taken. To me, it was obvious – it was clearly New York City. There weren’t any yellow cabs, or the familiar façades of Fifth Avenue, but there was a massive KATSU extinguisher tag in the frame. “I’m pretty conscious of what I’m doing and I think a lot about it,” explains Katsu over an anonymous phone connection that’s been re-routed via a third party. “As much as I’m a fan-child of graffiti subculture, I’m always trying to understand what’s really going on.” – See more at:

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