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Accidental Theology

By Richardl @richardlittleda

A gentle daytime TV watercolour programme is not the place to which you would naturally turn for theology. However, for many years I have been struck by what the programme's 'resident expert' had to say about the light before a storm. She explained that the reason colours look more intense just before a storm breaks is that millions of tiny droplets of water are suspended in the air - each acting like the bead on an old-fashioned beaded screen. The overall effect is to intensify light, colour and drama.

Many of us know what that feels like - an uncomfortable clarity about the way things will be just before the storm breaks. In that moment we see both the challenge we face and the presence of God with searing clarity.

Just yesterday I spotted the intensity of the light a few moments before the dark rain clouds unleashed their contents over the town where I live. To coin a phrase, there is #nofilter here. All I have done is to crop them slightly. The rest of the work is done by those millions of suspended droplets. Given the results, I am grateful to them.

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