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Accidental Shooting of Texas Man - Self-Inflicted - No Charges

Posted on the 23 March 2012 by Mikeb302000
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The unidentified man was assisting with an estate sale on Tuesday afternoon in the 3-thousand block of Goodwin Lane when he came across a 9-millimeter pistol that he thought was unloaded. Somehow the man ended up with the muzzle of the gun in one hand when he squeezed the trigger and the gun fired, sending a bullet through the palm of his hand and out the back, then into a bookcase and the drywall of the home.
The man was quickly taken to the hospital where he was treated for that gunshot wound. No charges will be filed, since the shooting was accidental and self-inflicted.
This one really shouldn't be called an accident. It sounds like he purposely pulled the trigger thinking the gun was empty.
Shouldn't a guy who is capable of something like that be prohibited from owning guns? Do you think that was the very first stupid thing he ever did with a gun? Will it be the last?
Since he'll continue to enjoy his gun rights, like responsible and safe people do, I wouldn't want to be his neighbor or the guy next to him at the shooting range, would you?
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