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Accidental Shooting of Port Arthur TX 3-Year-Old - No Charges Yet

Posted on the 26 April 2012 by Mikeb302000

The Beaumont Enterprise reports

A 3-year-old Port Arthur boy is recovering at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston from serious wounds he received during an accidental shooting on Tuesday.
"It looks like it's just a tragic accident," said Shari Pulliam with Child Protective Services. The state agency is investigating the shooting alongside Port Arthur police officers.

Major Raymond Clark with the Port Arthur Police Department said the gun did not have a safety to keep it from firing.
Clark said the boys' father left the gun in the seat of a truck while the boys were playing in the front yard. Clark added that when the boys' father went back inside the house to get something, the younger brother got the gun from the truck.

What's your opinion? Is the fact that the gun had no safety of any significance? Doesn't that pale when compared to the negligence of leaving a gun available to toddlers?
How much you want to bet this gun-owning dad had already instructed his boys to not touch daddy's gun?  On pro-gun blogs they can't get enough of the idea of teaching kids gun safety at a very young age, they call it gun-proofing the kids.
I say it doesn't work.

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