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Accidental Shooting Death of Iowa Teen Ruled an Accident - Amazingly No Charges Filed

Posted on the 11 May 2012 by Mikeb302000
Accidental Shooting Death of Iowa Teen Ruled an Accident - Amazingly No Charges Filed Local News reports
The shooting death of Hunter True, 17, of Mason City, last month near Rudd has been ruled accidental. Nicklaus Lala, 17, of Mason City, was handling a .22-caliber rifle that discharged, but “probable cause for filing of criminal charges does not exist,” Floyd County Attorney Normand Klemesrud said in a statement released Wednesday.
This is a terrible travesty of justice. No criminal charges even when a life is lost. Not the other kid who negligently pulled the trigger, not the gun owner, not the property owner where the tragedy took place, not the father of the shooter, not the father of the dead kid, no one is responsible for this. It was an accident, plain and simple.
Is it any wonder we have so many of these, far more than the supposed statistics seem to indicate, by the way?  Every single day you can find five or ten stories like this without even trying. Isn't it safe to assume they represent only a percentage of what's actually going on?
Imagine the ones in which no one is injured.  All told, the misuse of guns is rampant and unchecked since we don't even issue a slap on the wrist in most cases.
The gun-rights folks don't want to admit that so-called "gun accidents" are taking a bigger toll than previously thought.  They have a vested interest in this.
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By Karl
posted on 19 May at 06:04
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More people should be trained in the proper use and handling of firearms. "More Guns Less Crime" is a statistical fact.

Same with fireworks where they are illegal. Kids are not educated and trained to use them properly.