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Accidental Shooting by Ohio Cop - No Criminal Charges

Posted on the 24 August 2012 by Mikeb302000
 Local news reports
The prosecutor’s office determined the shooting was accidental and chose not to pursue criminal charges against the officer, Mike Volpe. Volpe, a detective, is back on the job.
Volpe was initially put on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the probe. He could still face departmental discipline as the city’s Internal Affairs office is now looking into the matter to determine whether any city police rules and policies were violated.
Investigators believe Volpe accidentally shot a suspect on Cleveland Avenue NW hours before the Aug. 4 parade. Volpe’s gun was drawn and it went off when he fell onto the ground.
How much you want to bet he gets a pass by the Internal Affairs too?  It was only an accident, right?
The fact is, you can trip and fall down all day long and as long as you're following the 4 Rules of Gun Safety, no one will get shot.  You might suffer a scraped knee, but unless you've got your finger on the trigger, which you shouldn't, the gun cannot go off.
This is unacceptable negligence.  When it's done by an officer of the law, it should be viewed as an automatic disqualifier as far as gun use is concerned.  People who do this are dangerous and cannot be trusted with guns.
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