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Acapulco Chair – Living Room

By Masfashion

Living Room: When it comes to a living room I have three main musts: needs to be comfy, should have enough seating for five or more people, and should reflect your personality. When it comes to my living room, it has been a work in progress. I am the type of personality which wants everything finished the moment it is started. Call it lack of patience but I really have a hard time taking things slowly. Now, when you are decorating a home you must keep in mind that not everything will be finished swiftly. It takes time. This idea took time to adjust to. I have been in this house two years and am just now starting to feel like it is coming together. Although it has taken longer than I would have liked I think I have stayed true to my three must and the space really reflects it.

Needs to be comfy: I love to sit in the living room and talk for hours on end (with wine in hand) with dear friends. There is nothing worse than having to sit in an uncomfortable chair or area and try to make conversation. I don’t know about you but I do my best socializing when I am most comfortable. Your living room should always be a place where your guests feel welcomed to come, relax, and enjoy themselves. You want them to leave feeling great and knowing they had the absolute best time. To make the space even cozier I recommend adding throw blankets around the room. Either place them hanging from the corner of your couch or throw them in a clear/see-through basket. Making sure the basket isn’t solid will make your space look less harsh and leave the space looking a little larger. I love this Iron Wire basket from AllModern (comes in multiple colors). It creates a great break from the two chairs while keeping the space cozy and comfortable. Remember comfort is key.

Enough Seating for 5+: When you are designing your living room it is always key to think of your spacing. A lot of people don’t have a large enough room for a couch, two/three chairs, and a bench so I would recommend investing in smaller chairs to accompany your couch. I love the way this Acapulco chair from AllModern creates a nice retro look while breaking up the basics of the couch. There is nothing that looks better than a mix of different furniture in a room. It keeps it modern, clean, and creative. If your space is tight I would suggest looking at chairs that have more of a design feel and less of the “traditional” look you see in most living rooms. Your friends will be impressed with the overall look and you will save money and space!

Reflect Your Personality: This is by far the most important on the list. A home is a reflection of you and your life so each room should have details which show your guest what that is. My husband and I love a mid-century home with modern flare so this Acapulco chair and hide stools are a great reflection of our personal style. We have also taken a few things we love to decorate the space – the bar and the shooting gun photo above it. We absolutely love to entertain so having a bar in our home was important. Since we don’t have a wet bar I decided to create a free standing bar so our guest always feel welcome to make themselves a cocktail and enjoy their stay. The photo above the bar was shot by a 16 year old girl from Geneva, Switzerland (where my husband grew up). Having little knick-knacks around the space which are special to you create an experience for those who visit and a basic understanding of who you are.

I hope these few tips on creating your living room space help your future decorating endeavors. You can check out the styling of the Acapulco chair for outdoors here! Can you believe how well it transitions from outdoors to indoors? Stay tuned for one more way to style it!


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