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Abundance of Caution

By Praymont
In these challenging times, going forward in an abundance of caution .... Going forward, we show an abundance of caution in these challenging times ... Going forward in these challenging times in an abundance of caution .... A bun dance -- the buns dance their caution going forward in these challenging times ... The buns challenge time in a bun dance to Caution, going now forward, now back ...
Is bureaucratese a primitive sign of unity, arising from insecurity? Is it collective or individual insecurity? Is it just, "I don't know how to say stuff, so I'll use these prefab chants"? (I was going to say "prefab thoughts," but I don't think the expressions rise to that level.) Do lots of insecure individuals reach for the same prefab chants because those expressions seem impressive or to convey an impression of authority? Or do they repeat the prefab chants because the more common those expressions become, the more power accrues to them (like when fans at a sporting or political event chant)? Is it that if the bureaucrats chant in unison, they project power? Maybe it's all of the above, or none of it. Who knows, going forward in these challenging times, in an abundance of caution?

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