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ABC Soup

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
This ABC Soup is my daughter's favorite.  Easy to put together and upon daughter's request, I am documenting it here for her to cook from now on as she has officially moved out of the school hostel and will have to cook her own meals from now on.
For safety, I will have to get either a double boiler or an electric pot as Asian soup tends to boil longer.
Finally, this blog which was set up with them in mind is being put to good use.
ABC soup
What you need:yield for 2
2 Sweet corn4 potatoes2 tomatoes1 big carrot 400g Lean meat or pork ribs
Remove husk and silk from the sweet corn and cut them into chunks
Peel potatoes and cut into chunks
Cut tomatoes into halves
Peel the carrot and cut it into chunks.
Blanch meat in boiling water for 2 mins.  Discard water and rinse well the meat.
Place all ingredients into the pot.  Brisk boil for 1/2 hour.
Lower down heat and continue to boil for 1 hour or until meat is tender.
Season with soy sauce or salt.
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