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Aaarrrhhhhhh Matey! Pirates Are Still Cool

By Generatorland @generatorland
Pirate Name

Most pirates probably weren’t this effeminate.

Let’s put aside the doings of actual pirates for a moment and focus on the romanticized version of pirates that Hollywood loves. Those pirates are actually cool. Most of them swill booze, tell bawdy jokes and only plunder from people who probably deserve to be plundered. Like pancake-makeup-wearing British dandies.

Anyway, in the spirit of that kind of lovable pirate, we created the Pirate Name Generator. As always, we ask very little of you to actually use it. Just click the button until you find one you like. The first ever Pirate Name generated was:

Cap’n Bart Hellscurvy

We kind of like that one. Happy pirating!

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