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A Year in Pictures: Wednesday – Snow

By Contemplatingtheclouds @contempclouds

Now, as the weather is really beginning to turn and the North wind in blowing it seems apt to use today’s ‘A Year in Pictures’ to look at pictures of snow.

Ok, that’s a total lie; it’s a sheer and utter coincidence that the two have happened to coincide. But shh, no one’s noticed!

It’s also sheer coincidence that the two photos today happen to be from two consecutive posts (the only such pairing to appear this week) – the 22nd and 23rd December 2010.

The first is technically a cheat, because the photo wasn’t taken on the day it was published. I ended up doing most of my Christmas shopping in one go last year (I was incredibly busy throughout December with academic work, I wasn’t just being lazy) and it happened to have been snowy in Edinburgh the days before. On the day I went shopping it was also very sunny, so I took my camera and spent many hours (about 9) shopping and taking photos. With a possible imbalance towards the photo taking. From this came three posts: St John’s Church (I think), at the West End; St Giles’ Cathedral, on the Royal Mile; and The Scott Monument. As soon as I came up with the idea for this week of photos I knew one of these would be in it, but which one? In the end I opted for the Scott Monument, it is my favourite, but I love them all, so I’ve put the links in for the other two as a bonus.

A Year in Pictures: Wednesday – Snow

Appearing originally on the 23rd of December, the picture below was my desktop background on my laptop for quite a while. I was fortunate enough to be able to do my dissertation research at the RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, which also happens to be just over the hill from where I live. Due to bad weather and the zoo being closed, several meetings with keepers, etc. had to be cancelled in the weeks previous to the 23rd, which resulted in me going in just before Christmas. Although bitterly cold, I opted to walk home that day, in order to be able to see the view towards the south of Edinburgh and the Pentlands beyond. It’s a steep hill (and quite icy), but the view was incredible. Stupid a statement as it may sound, I’m not entirely sure the photo does it justice (and it’s well worth clicking on it to enjoy the full sized version).

A Year in Pictures: Wednesday – Snow

So those were today’s A Year in Photos, I hope you enjoyed them. If you want more, look back tomorrow (or subscribe to the blog to have them come to you!) when the theme will be ‘Photoshoped’.


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