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A Year in Photos: Tuesday – Travels

By Contemplatingtheclouds @contempclouds

So, day two of ‘A Year in Photos’.

Travel is an important part of the blog, and that part has almost taken over lately. But that’s not the travel I’m going to focus on, I’m going to go with the two places I’ve been on ‘holiday’ to this year.

As with everyone who’s been to St A, I now have friends that live down in London. Back at the start of January I decided to take a couple of days off to go visit a few of these friends. Whilst we did a lot of stuff in the three days I was there, a lot of it was related to imbibing, so not many photos (or those fit for public consumption, at least) exist from the weekend. However, this one does and was a stand alone photo form the post on the 15th of January and is from out ice skating expedition to Somerset House.

A Year in Photos: Tuesday – Travels

The other trip I’ve had away this year was at the end of May. We had all finished our degrees and needed a holiday to relax. Many people go abroad for this, however, we decided to hire a cottage (well, technically it was a hunting lodge, but there were 9 of us) up in the Highlands for a week. This is my favourite photo I took whilst I was away, coming from the post Incommunicado, back on the 6th June. I took it from half way up the munro ‘across the road’, the tiny white spec towards the right hand side was our house.

A Year in Photos: Tuesday – Travels

As with all the photos this week, if you would like to see today’s in more detail just click on them and they’ll open in a new tab at their full size. I hope you enjoyed today’s ‘A Year in Photos’, and if you would like more have a look tomorrow when the theme is ‘Snow’.


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