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A Wrap Up to the “Saddest Letter”

By Caryschmidt

A Wrap Up to the “Saddest Letter”

Several days ago I called the young lady who sent me the letter. We had a great talk and I was encouraged by her spirit. We talked for 40 minutes. (She also commented today on my last response.) One of the most surprising aspects of her letter, to me, has been the tendency of a small percentage of readers to jump to unreasonable conclusions—blaming church, pastors, or personal standards of living. The vast majority of readers understood the heart of the letter—family and spiritual disconnect.

As a wrap up, I wanted readers of the letter to know a few things for certain:

1. The young lady who wrote the letter was not blaming parents, church, or a lifestyle becoming of the Gospel. She personally told me she’s thankful for her church, her parents, her spiritual foundation, and even most of the personal standards that she was taught. In the letter, she was pointing out what was missing from the mix of her upbringing—not disparaging what was good and right about it.

2. The heart of her burden was a relational disconnect with her parents and with the Lord. She loves her parents and appreciates the right things they did. She simply saw a major blind spot—one that exists in many families—and is burdened for others coming behind her with the same experiences.

3. And the best part—she is preparing to serve God with her life! I love it! She personally told me she wants to teach in a Christian school. Regardless of what was wrong about her upbringing, there must have been a lot right for her to be in this present place spiritually! Not only is she NOT angry, vengeful, and spiteful towards biblical Christianity and godly living, she is eager to complete Bible college and get into ministry. This encouraged my heart!

I am proud of this young lady for seeing and sensing what was missing, and for responding with maturity, personal responsibility, and spirituality. She is developing her heart for the Lord and walking with Him, and that will set her on a wonderful path for the rest of her life.

Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts as well!

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