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A Wild Night in Springfield MA

Posted on the 06 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
MASS reports
A flurry of back-to-back shooting reports kept police busy early Monday morning, just as the city's entertainment district was shutting down for the night
This is the result of several years of increased gun sales coupled with lax or non-existent gun laws. On a good night there are so many shootings the cops can't even keep up.
The fact that Massachusetts has fair gun control laws obviously is not enough. They need to be stricter and they need to be applied to all the other states.
That's the only way to diminish the flow of guns into the criminal world. As it stands now, it would seem in Springfield MA, and in every other big city in The Bay State, there are as many guns available as anyone could want.
The real mystery in all this is why would truly legitimate and law-abiding gun owners not want to do everything possible to stop it? I can see only two possible reasons.
1. the slippery slope - they are so paranoid they really believe all the NRA nonsense about "registration leads to confiscation."
2. selfishness - they are so self-centered their only concern is to not be inconvenienced themselves.
What's your opinion? Is there another explanation for the inexplicable resistance on the part of folks who call themselves law-abiding gun owners?
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