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A Whimsical Good Time with Thepuffyfluffy

By Chaayen
A whimsical good time with thepuffyfluffyUsually for overseas collaborations, I rarely get tot meet up with the people I work with for obvious geographical distances. So it was really cool when I got to meet Pink, one of the owners from thepuffyfluffy.
Instead of receiving my products via air, I got them from her personally. And I even got a chance to introduce to her some of the best food and attractions we have in Singapore! Sometimes I wonder why am I not SG Ambassador?!?
A whimsical good time with thepuffyfluffy
You may have already seen the sneak peak on my Instastory. Here's the whole full blown whimsical delight! If you are like me, a fan of anything mystical and reeks fantasy, you really need to hop over to thepuffyfluffy to have a look at their produce.
Mermaids, unicorns, you have them all in pastel rainbow color and a variety of merchandise. I am only wearing the sleep mask and the PJs. But there are tote bags, cushions, cover-ups, accessories and even blankets!! (And, psst they might be selling all of these in Singapore soon. Will update you then <3)
A whimsical good time with thepuffyfluffy
Here's me decked in my happy colours. I guess I haven't been looking so young for a really long time considering I don't have much proper rest. I look like a cheerful little girl. Now I think I really understand why PJs should always be silly and gay, cos it attracts pretty dreams!
Usually I am always decked in duller PJs but I guess it is time for a change. I like the fact the PJs are loose and airy for our warm weather. One interesting fact about the eye mask was they are tied on, and thus fits comfortably on top of your eyes. It even have soft furry fabric on the inner side to keep your eyes warm and snug.
A whimsical good time with thepuffyfluffy
Because the PJs shorts reminded me of surfer's shots and I thought maybe we can wear them out if we match them differently. So I slipped on a black tight clubbing top and hey, I think with this look, you can walk at least to your nearest NTUC to grab supper liao! :D
I hope you guys enjoyed the review. Meanwhile, you can hop over to thepuffyfluffy to make a list of your wants so that you can snag them all up when they arrive on our shores or when you go to Bangkok for a visit. By the way, do you know thepuffyfluffy occassionally hold interesting workshops for you to make the merchandise yourself :D You can also try that out when you are in Bangkok the next time round. I think I may be dropping by Bangkok next year, with a new list of interesting activities to try out. (Psst, out last itinerary was featured on 世界正美丽 (HD) Wonderful World Series 13!) So, stay tune for more interesting updates!

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