a Whatever of My Life

Posted on the 27 August 2013 by Syed Ashhad @syedashhad
I was born as they say, 
on a foggy January Sunday. 
Dug up from the depths of cave, 
shouting like a warrior brave. 
i was passed hand to hand, 
held aloft like a trophy grand 
seventeen days had passed to my registry, 
when i fell fr the nature's trickery 
i was so ill as if i would die, 
and the mounds of nappies rose high and high. 
but God be praised,i was saved, 
everyone's prayers were well paid 
soon i learned things a few, 
that the toy wont bite you. 
In front of the lady u should always cry, 
for she would love you and lift you high. 
But beware of the small girl, 
always bickering,sulky and dull 
i set upon journeys new, 
tottering to discover every hue. 
I fell,i collapsed and i cried, 
but set off before the tears had dried. 
Fighting and conquering everything that came, 
mind it was no child's game.,,...... 
As i grew life went on, 
lyk an unhindered stream 
destination unknown,flowing a dream 
experience guiding it to the dawn 
wat would happen next was unknown, 
a journey i had to complete myself bt not alone 
Lucky enough,i was baptised in an institution, 
another soul living others ambition 
screwed and polished with others of kin 
and the system took us all in 
Strong or weak,fast or slow all studied there 
asking silently everyday am i here' 
the caravan moved ahead, 
with or without me,nobody cared 
lyf became easier on many parts 
fr Friends had taken the sail, 
she had smiled wen we exchanged our hearts 
bt love was a storm of hail 
v didn't knew what fate had in store 
unknown of wat may strike the door 
v lived dis world in a world of ours 
the world was another unit living fr themselves 
fr v didn't lie on grass or stared the stars 
but dreamt to dream about ourselves 
one odd day the caravan stopped, 
its an illusion i had hoped, 
but the realty struck hard, 
fr the toughest eyes were raining down tears, 
standing on the crossroads,thinking about the past, 
i walk ahead,staring at the lost mast.

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