A Weird Experience

Posted on the 16 October 2013 by Meghana Varala
I usually travel 30km up and down daily by bus to attend my classes in a city nearby. There used to be a beggar with worn out clothes and scarce attention to the world around at the stop. He never used to utter a single word. I should rather call him a pauper than beggar because he never asked anyone for food or money. I never paid much attention to him as I reach my bus stop in the nick of time.
But one day my bus was late and I was waiting. Then I noticed this man with a torn cutout of a well known political leader in his hand. He was seriously abusing the leader and his party(in Telugu, my native language) for the betrayals they did with people, recollecting each and every scheme they introduced. His way of talking was very intellectual. For a second I thought--he was a senior professor of a university suffering from amnesia due to excessive study.
Then he saw a fast racing Duster and started taunting its owner. He shouted that enjoying riches is the easiest thing one can do but making fellow humans feel happy with your riches is the thing only great people do. His words are still resonating in my ears. And this man never cares for his food or water or anything. 
I had 20 rupees in my hand which I kept ready for my bus ticket.I went to him and gave it without a second thought. I don't really know which force in me urged to do so. He took it and said "thank you and god bless all happiness to you"(in English, local people in my place hardly know it). I was astonished and taken aback for a moment, speechless. I wanted to ask him about his past and the reason for ending in such a state. Before I could gather my senses there came my stupid bus.
I waited to see him again and even went to my stop a little early. But history never repeated. I wish I could see him again. Anyways I'm left with a unique experience and learned a lot from that man. Thanks to him.
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