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A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax
  1. We have decided to transform the house a little
  2. Maxwell is doing extremely well at preschool 
  3. Maxwell had a haircut
  4. Maxwell is looking forward to August
  5. Maxwell loves the garden
Since we have moved in I have not been overly happy with the house. I like to change things as I get bored of the same layout and I love to buy new things often. This week I have targeted the conservatory. The conservatory is one of Maxwell's favorite rooms however I find it quite boring and a little cluttered. In the last few weeks I have bought Maxwell his own table and chair set which has fantastic storage and now houses all his arts and crafts. I have also bought some new storage for his toys. There seems to be a lot more space out there and I am looking forward to seeing the final results. 
Maxwell has settled into preschool well and I have been told each time he goes that he is behaving and he is as good as gold. Maxwell has already had a small accident there which involved him, water and sand. Maxwell decided to go swimming and ended up soaked in water and coated in sand - luckily they had a change of clothing to change Maxwell into.
Last week Maxwell went to visit Nanny and he came back with a haircut. Maxwell's hair had grown quite long and because of this it had started to go all curly. Maxwell looks much better now his hair is more tamed and we managed to keep Maxwell's first lock of hair which will be nice to put into his memory book.
Maxwell and I have an adventure packed August and we are very much looking forward to lots of activities we are planning on bringing to you. Keep a eye on our Pinterest and our Instagram account as there will be a lot of ideas and photos posted over there.
With all the sun which we have been blessed with, we have happily been playing in the garden. Maxwell has been enjoying himself on the slide as well as in his playhouse and I am hoping to perhaps make him his own little area in the next few weeks. In the next few weeks I will also be getting his new paddling pool out and a few other garden activities which I know he will enjoy.
A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

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