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A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax
  1. Maxwell has got very good at identifying things
  2. Maxwell is thrilled to be going to see Peppa Pig's Big Splash
  3. Maxwell is really enjoying the sun and loves to play in the garden
  4. Maxwell dislikes loud noises and hates flies
  5. Maxwell loves eating fruit at the moment in the hot weather
Maxwell has got very good at identifying things this week. When asked a simple question like "where is the hairbrush", Maxwell will go and find it and present it to me. Maxwell can now identify many things however his speech is still not quite there however it is coming on leaps and bounds and Maxwell is saying more words each week. Maxwell's words are also becoming more clearer. 
Maxwell is a huge fan of Peppa Pig and if I allowed him to, he would watch her all day. Over the last few weeks I have been trying very hard to win Maxwell some Peppa Pig Big Splash Tickets, she will be visiting Southampton in October and she will be doing a live show at the theater. After looking into the cost of tickets I found it would cost over £30 for just me and him to go, I knew I had to take Maxwell so I set about trying to win some tickets for him! Fortunately I did and in October Maxwell will be going to see Peppa's live show.
This week has seen Maxwell spend a lot of time in the garden. Maxwell loves roaming the garden and enjoys playing in his playhouse, riding his bike and playing on his happy hopper.  It's lovely to see him play in the garden. Maxwell did have a tiny accident which saw him fall off his bike and get a grazed arm and leg - his first grazes.
This week I had a treadmill delivered in the hope I may loose some weight. The treadmill is quite loud when it is running and Maxwell hates the noise.  He screams and cries which means I have been using it in the evening when he is asleep. Maxwell also was attacked by a fly this week and he hated it buzzing around him. He ran out into the garden and refused to come back in until the fly I had made its way out. 
With this hot weather Maxwell has gone off a lot of hot meals so he has been eating a lot of salad and fruit.  Maxwell now eats a wide range of fruit which is wonderful and especially enjoys raspberries and grapes. I have been making him fruit skewers to enjoy and buying him a lot of juicy fruit. 
A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

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