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By F.b.c.reations @fbcreations
a week in words


it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas: the weather in the Southern Riviera is still very hot during the day but mornings and evenings are perfect for cashmere scarves, leather jackets, boots … 

YES: we pull all that off in Miami, it’s winter overall and stores, designers, stylists and good taste have enough to offer to our wardrobe to adapt to the weather of the rest of the western hemisphere. which brings to the next subject.


the room was full of uber chic fashion & design savvy experts, all coming from different backgrounds but with one thing in common: CHIC. the question was: how come we all look sharply ravishing (@ 7pm coming straight from work!) and the PERCEPTION of Miami Style is … something that happened years ago and got stuck to that “Versace living in Ocean Drive, Sylvester Stallone meets Madonna and Ingrid Cesares type of vibe”?????

It is like IMPRINTING and we got to ruffle it out of our shoulders. Sooner or later, we all got that sneering NY expression of  ”ohhhhhh, you live in Miami” which means “sure honey, dust off your wooden sandals, corset top, 7 jeans and long mane, do you even own a winter coat?”. 

Miami needs PR of fabulousness and all of us, circle of insiders, can provide it a bit at a time.

I have started here.

So: I walk around and either see atrocities (like men in tanks and flip flops in winter at the movies plus date and less pedicure) that don’t help your day or see random images of fabulosity (simply Hunter boots in a rainy day) I witness them in an effort of shifting percetpion.

‘Til then, yours truly.

PS: have you purchased the Christmas tree yet? This year I felt extremely empowered by the “all american way” and bought it online. It will be delivered after Art Basel week (what a relief!).


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