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A Visit to Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA

By Withthegrains @WithTheGrains

If you're spending any time in Lancaster, PA, be sure to visit Passenger Coffee for a cup of expertly roasted coffee in a minimal space with historical bones.

I was brainstorming ways to describe how much the Rustbelt Farmer and I value coffee. I could talk about our assortment of tools, or the way coffee has inspired our travels, or my metrics for judging a new coffee shop, but then I realized, that was all too flowery and emotional. The best way to demonstrate our love of good coffee was his response to a family member's request to pick up K-cups for our lake house weekend ...

A Visit to Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA

"Tell Jena I'll buy k-cups the day monkeys fly out of my butt. We'll take our gang of French presses."

A Visit to Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA

... which is to say, we kinda picky, but there is one coffee roaster that consistently and thoroughly quiets our inner critics: Passenger Coffee. I've been regularly buying Passenger Coffee for over a year now, and I often joke that it has ruined all other coffees for me, so when I found myself on a trip to Lancaster, PA, one of my first stops was the brick-and-mortar.

A Visit to Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA

If you've seen my apartment tour, you know I veer heavily toward the maximalist side of design, but Passenger Coffee's flagship shop had so many fine details. The minimalism becomes such a calming backdrop to sit and enjoy a thoughtfully prepared cup of coffee. Plus, tufted leather always gets me. I'm into it. Such close proximity to Amish woodworkers must surely have its perks when designing a space. There was carefully detailed furniture in every nook and cranny of the downtown area.

A Visit to Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA

And the cherry on top was a buttery biscuit served with a slab of Amish butter and peach jam. If I lived in Lancaster, this would be my standing order.

So if you find yourself in Lancaster, be sure to start your day with a visit to Passenger Coffee. It's conveniently close to the Central Market and other downtown shops. Grab a cup, stroll and take in the historical facades. I'll be sharing more from my trip in a subsequent post, so stay tuned.


A Visit to Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA

P.S: I'm not the only K-cup hater. Here's a measly 11 reasons to dislike them.

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