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A Valentine's Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
Valentine's Day is just a few days away and while we did a gift guide for dogs, we can't forget about the people who love those dogs!
Here are a few of our favorite finds for dog lovers...
gifts for dog lovers, goldendailyscoop.com 1. Leash Bag by wagsandwiggles $16.99
2. French Bulldog Mug by PinkMugNY $15.95 3. Money Clip by creativedexterity $75.00 4. Business Card Holder by TRowanDesign $16.95  5. I Love My Dog Necklace by murmur $32.00 6. Scottie Dog Purse by Bagsandpurses4U $5.96 7. Dog Lover's Wine Bag by ColorStyleDesign $10.00 8. Personalized Tote Bag by PawAndCrossbones $40.00 9. Love Pugs Pillow by sophisticatedpup $35.99 

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