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A Valentine’s Gift for Every Family Member

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

A Valentine's gift for every family member

Many people associate Valentine's Day with romance and this is by no means wrong. It is a fantastic day for couples to make the most of the romantic atmosphere and spend some quality time together. It is also a day of love. This means that you can definitely expand your Valentine's gift list to include more than just your partner or spouse.


When it comes to you Valentine's gift list, your spouse or partner is obviously right at the top. The gift can be simple or extravagant. You can send fresh flowers like red roses, perhaps some chocolates and celebrate together over dinner for two.


If you have children, you can always include them in your celebrations. You don't have to send them to a neighbour or have a babysitter watch them while you enjoy dinner. You can enjoy a loving family dinner together at home or at your favourite family restaurant.

For those with younger children, you can encourage them to create their very own Valentine's Day crafts. For example, they can make a special Valentine's gift for each of their classmates. A handmade Valentine's card is a lovely gesture. You can also treat your younger children to a small gift on this day like some chocolates, biscuits or other treats in the shape of hearts, for example.

If your children are older, they might not like the idea of making cards but you could help them create paper roses, for instance, that they can hand out at school to their friends. You can also present them with a small gift as a gesture of your love as their parent.


Your parents will also enjoy celebrating this romantic occasion and you can pamper them with some luxurious flowers or even a flower combo gift that includes extras such as chocolates, champagne and so on. If one of your parents has passed away, you can send a bouquet of flowers and a personal message to let your mum or dad know that they are in your heart on this day. Such a Valentine's gift will help ease the pain of enduring the day alone.


Brothers and sisters are some of the most important people in your life and it's so important to let them know how much you care about them while you have the chance. Don't let an opportunity to express your love pass you by. Send a mixed flower arrangement to your siblings or even some yellow roses as a symbol of your brotherly or sisterly friendship and love.

Remember, even if somebody says that they do not celebrate Valentine's Day, you can always be sure that they will appreciate you thinking of them. When your Valentine's gift arrives and they read your personal message, they will undoubtedly be filled with joy.

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