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A Tuscan Staycation

By Marialiberati

By: Morgan Weindel

This week’s episode of “The Maria Liberati Show” will transport listeners to the beautiful region
of Tuscany, Italy. Maria shares some delicious recipes for listeners to try for their own Tuscan
Later on in the episode, Maria sits down with author Andrew Cotto to discuss his novel “Cocina
Tipica: An Italian Adventure.” Andrew and Maria discuss their love for Italy and some of
Andrew’s upcoming novels.
Your Own Tuscan Picnic
Summer is the perfect time for a picnic and Maria tells her listeners how amazing Tuscan picnics
are. While listeners are unable to travel to Tuscany to experience the delicious food, Maria
gives two recipes for them to try at home.
The first recipe is for Tuscan Panzanella Salad. This refreshing salad is easy to make and is
perfect for a nice hot day. The second recipe Maria gives listeners is for Grilled porcini
mushrooms. This is a quick and easy recipe perfect for a main course or appetizer.
Meet Andrew Cotto
After discussing the delicious food and unforgettable experiences in Tuscany, Maria sits down
with Andrew Cotto. Andrew is a professor and author of several novels including “Cocina Tipica:
An Italian Adventure.”
Andrew and Maria talk about his Italian background and how a trip to Italy inspired him to learn
more about the beautiful Italian culture.
Andrew’s Love for Italy
Andrew tells Maria about his first trip to Italy and the love and appreciation he instantly felt for
the beautiful country. After moving there for a year to focus on his writing and learn more
about the culture, he was inspired to write “Cocina Tipica: An Italian Adventure.”
Andrew tells listeners about some of his favorite places to visit in Tuscany and gives them a
sneak preview of his new novels, including the sequel to “Cocina Tipica.”
Listeners can find Andrews books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or their local bookstore. Maria
tells listeners to check out Andrew’s social media to read some of his writing and to find out
more about him.

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