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A True Earth-Twin Or Not? Have Scientists Discovered Earth No.2?

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Ningauble @AliAksoz

Hey Techandle Fans! This is really something!

Kepler 186f

Researchers have recently found an earth-sized world orbiting in a habitable zone around a distant star and the discovery is the closest that they have come sof far in spotting a true Earth clone.

The distant star is situated in the constellation Cygnus about 500 light years away, known as Kepler-186 and is smaller and redder than the center star of the solar system, the sun.

I’m not done yet! Kepler-186f, the star’s outermost planet, is at its most accurate distance from its host star for water resources, if it exists of course – to be fluid & liquid on the surface, a term that researchers believe necessary for life.


Last thread, Kepler-186f, does receive one-third the radiation from its parent star as our planet Earth gets from the sun, that said, high noon on this planet would be roughly akin to our planet an hour before sunset.

Let’s see all together in the coming decades if there’ll be life for us, mankind, in far planets…


Source: NASA

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