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A Transoceanic Exchange About Spiritual Search 1

By Luphil

Mid-January I came into contact with a lady from the Pacific coast of Colombia via the Lunar Messenger. An intense dialogue started with the words: “I have been reading several books from Circle of Good Will and I can tell you that I have found several answers for my questions and I’m trying to pull through in this continuous search…”

A Transoceanic Exchange about Spiritual Search 1

We looked up on Google maps where we are living and exchanged some photos of how it looks like where we are living – a very interesting trans-oceanic perspective, and quickly we came to deeper exchanges.

A Transoceanic Exchange about Spiritual Search 1

The two photos above are from her – the following pictures are from a spring equinox meeting at the Paracelsus Center near Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Though it was the beginning of spring, there was a lot of snow outside. And it was a very small meeting due to pandemic regulations. We were celebrating the equinox meditatively but we also did a small apartment cleaning and a little excursion. So the photos are not related to the content of the ongoing conversation.

A Transoceanic Exchange about Spiritual Search 1

I gave some comments into her first e-mails about her activities: “The basis of all this activity is the alignment with the energies which we do with morning and evening prayer / meditation. In case you are interested to know more, let me know. But it is also something growing with the time.” I later asked if I can share it via this blog, and she agreed.

She wrote: “These days I’m trying to put order in my life. I wake up earlier and at the same time even if I don’t have work meetings, doing some exercise every day, reading spiritual books every day, going to bed at the same time, trying to respect my time and paying attention to my thoughts, if they are good it’s ok but if they are bad I reflect about the fact of thinking in that way in order to find a kind of alchemical formula.

This sounds like a few words but it takes a lot of effort because matter is very dense and has a lot of inertia. I’m 36 years old but even if I have studied some spiritual fields I just took it as theory, but without practice. So I have made the same mistakes many times and since the last year I have been feeling the sensation of doing the combination of reading and experience the spiritual field, otherwise this incarnation might be a waste of time.”

A Transoceanic Exchange about Spiritual Search 1

She offered to cooperate and I replied: “If you want to collaborate, please let me know your skills, interests, maybe something about your (spiritual) background. And if it becomes concrete, I would need to know availability, endurance, and observe the quality of work.”

She wrote: “Well, to answer I will do a mixture of my professional and spiritual experience (I know professional experience its not necessary but I will mention it just to explain more about my life). My parents baptized me as Catholic but my father always mentioned as a saying, “The high enlightened beings exist in other planes”. So even if my parents hid their books, I always found them. So I have read spiritual books since I was 13. The first book I read was ‘The Kybalion‘ and in that time started all my interest about spiritual laws and all related. Some topics are: Kabbalah & Tarot; Runes; Occidental Astrology (I haven’t had the opportunity to learn Vedic astrology until now); angeology; Mayas; IFA theology & 256 Odduns (more) (from Africa); Gnosis. I studied 2 careers, one is Mechanical Engineering and the other one is Industrial Engineering with a Master Degree in Engineer of Quality & Productivity.”

I commented: “Excellent training for clarity of mind and practical application.” She gave more details… and wrote: “I like what I do but it doesn’t fulfil my heart because there is always a kind of emptiness that perhaps must be fulfilled by what I am and not by what I do.” The dialogue went on…

A Transoceanic Exchange about Spiritual Search 1

I replied about collaboration: “Spiritual Hierarchy is always in search of reliable, devoted, and focused collaborators – and we are always being tested in this regard – like a boss in an enterprise does

at least I sometimes imagine it like this…. If you feel deeper liked to this path ….”.

A Transoceanic Exchange about Spiritual Search 1

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