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A Tiny Live/Work Addition Crowns a Historic London House

By Dwell @dwell
Grange Yard window and facade

The expansion is lightweight timber construction clad in glass with a stainless steel trim, producing a glossy, reflective veneer. The full-height structural glass wraps overhead to capture more light. The roof terrace, with a balustrade and partial privacy screening, is accessible by a hydraulic roof hatch.

Cantilevered over a brick bakery in central London, this live/work expansion of the offices of Michael Trentham Architects functions as studio space Monday through Friday, and exclusively as housing on the weekends. The expansion looks to capture sunlight from above, which is amplified by high-gloss reflective white surfaces. During warmer seasons, a roof terrace with a safety glass privacy screen doubles the available space of the 325-square-foot unit. 

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