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A Teacher By Any Other Name

By Naturegirl321 @SharonTEFLTips

A Teacher By Any Other Name


Titles can be a bit of a nightmare. Even though people have the same job and do the same work, if one of them has a better title, they may get a higher salary as well as more perks and benefits. In other cultures, titles play an important part of life and people may alter the way they treat and respect you due to it. Here are some common titles used when referring to a teacher.
I'm sure people will disagree with some of the placements of the titles (especially with adjunct, assistant, and associate professor) however, this is my opinion as I believe any type of professor is higher up the ladder than an instructor, for example.
The Peons: Graduate Teaching Assistant,  Graduate Student Instructor, Miss, Ms., Mr., Teacher, Senior Teaching Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellow, Tutor, Your Name
The Bourgeois: Adjunct Instructor, Director of Studies, Docent, Head Teacher, Lecturer, Reader, Senior Lecturer, Sessional Lecturer
The Gentry: Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Auxiliary Professor, Non-tenured Professor, Visiting Professor
The Nobles: College Professor, Dean, Department Chair, Distinguished Professor, Professor Emeritus, Resident Professor, Tenured Professor

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