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A Sweater to Knit, A Blouse to Sew

By Nancymccarroll
Knitty Magazine had a free pattern several years ago called "Iced", a sweater knit up mostly in stockinette stitch.  A free downloadable pattern can be found here.  It uses chunky yarn and is a quick knit.  Designer Carol Feller says of her pattern:
I knit this cardigan for my holiday. It was designed to be loose, casual and in a neutral color so that I could wear it with everything. I like to pack light and going to Florida, I didn’t want to bring more than one warm cover up.
However all did not go according to plan. I did bring this cardigan on holiday with me and I also took some very nice photos on the beach with it. What I wasn’t planning on, though, was my sister-in-law. Nicki came to visit, picked up the cardigan and tried it on. It was a perfect match and I just had to give it to her. 
Nice sister-in-law!
This is a picture of a completed Iced sweater from the designer's Ravelry page:
A Sweater to Knit, A Blouse to Sew
I am knitting it up in Lamb's Pride Chunky in the Ink Blue colorway.  Here is the cardigan in progress:
A Sweater to Knit, A Blouse to Sew
Next up on the sewing table is McCall's Pattern 6241.  Using jersey fabric, it will be a mainstay in the wardrobe.  And all those shawls and kerchiefs will have a nice under layer.
A Sweater to Knit, A Blouse to SewBut there are people to see, places to go, things to see before I can get back to these projects. Enjoy your day!
A Sweater to Knit, A Blouse to Sew

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